‘Rave On E.P’ by Richard Brammer


The Rave On EP

for Victoria Brown

Track One: Rave On

I like to soundtrack the final minutes
of your minute steak
with Acid House
as if we’ve never been away.

Track Two: A Hundred Years

The chips were glass.
We smashed them in our mouths
and there was nothing much
left in the world.

Track Three: The House that Jack Built

A bottle of Barolo and a beef cheek
—what happened to me?
Our table is full of coutured cheese,
port and a single Speyside malt;
espresso for afters

and we’re listening
to Farley Jackmaster Funk
— takes me back to my old man’s house in ’86.
Him, brandishing a TDK tape labelled ‘House Music’.

What kind of music is it?
It’s music for playing in the house.

Track Four: Wrote for Luck

The Sri Lankans leave their lights on all day
and all of the night,
switching them off for thirty seconds
now and then and on again
in a lazy semaphor.

You make your bouillabaisse,
listen to songs from the mid-nineteen nineties.

Bonus Track: Eau de Cologne

I sweep wet look gel
through my hair
in disproportionate quantities

to impress girls
in the Weston-Super-Mare
and Eric Bristow eighties.

Every rockstar, given time,
turns Jehovah’s Witness.


Richard Brammer is the Editor of Flexipress. His work has appeared in Fulcrum, Popshot Magazine plus many other magazines. He is set to appear in the inaugural issue of The Battersea Review in early June.

The Madchester Rave On EP was an EP by The Happy Mondays, released on Factory Records in November 1989.