‘Manchester Daydream on the Jubilee Line’ by U.S. Dhuga


Side A (single-sided Flexidisc)

for M.E.B.

Dimly I remember (when I turn the lights
of memory low) daydream kites
and corduroy on a makeshift football
pitch in front of Hamilton Hall:
artless smile, pinwale, tattersall,
mismatched mauve: you recede like city lights
in the rearview to Morningside Heights:
dimmer still I recall verum velle
parum est, an A62 melee,
ostentatious London Pride and cigarettes,
Wearside wishes and their presupposed regrets.
Describe the city lights once more,
mismatch again your mauve and tattersall
before I remember to forget it all
when I recede again to Polzeath shore.
Surely life can live outside of Grappenhall?
Awake now. Jubilee Line. Stanmore.
Sorry. Wrong line. Missed the Heath. Missed your call.

Liner Notes

U. S. Dhuga earned his PhD, MPhil, and MA in Classical Philology at Columbia University (2006), after graduating from Amherst College (2001) and Harrow (1997).  He is presently Professor of Classics at Calvin College in Michigan.  His book, Choral Identity and the Chorus of Elders in Greek Tragedy, was published in 2011 through Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Raised in North London, U. S. Dhuga lives across and in between New York, Michigan, Toronto, London, and New Delhi.  Dhuga is Founder, Publisher, and Managing Editor of The Battersea Review–an international poetry quarterly spanning poets from over 20 nationalities, which can be accessed at thebatterseareview.com and batterseareview.com