‘A Force’ by Ben Mazer


Side A (Single Sided Flexi)

Two girls—blondes; one was Scotch and one was English.
Fans of a famous writer who was singleish.
They followed him, although he never noticed.
Too young to see, or he had had to protest.
They found out where he lived, and staked him out.
Surprised at who they saw come in and out,
they thought that they would come to his assistance.
Cluelessly they worked for the resistance.
After awhile these blackguards all unravel.
Young girls don’t write their memoirs when they travel.
They nailed him good, and then they turned him over.
You could have pricked the novelist with clover.
“You mean to say you followed me?” he said.
But he’ll be stuck with one till he is dead.
She has his secret (though he is no jerk).
Besides she’ll be a great help to his work.


Ben Mazer studied under Christopher Ricks and Archie Burnett at the Editorial Institute, and is the editor of a forthcoming edition of the complete poems of John Crowe Ransom. He has also edited collections of poems by Frederick Goddard Tuckerman and Landis Savage Everson. He is a contributing editor to Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.