Flexi Press

Flexi Press is the home of The Irregular Press’s Micro Collections. Micro Collections are small collections of poetry or sudden fiction (fiction of extreme brevity or micro-fiction or postcard fiction or whatever you want to call it this week) that are intended to help promote/offer an online vignette of a writer’s fiction and intended to complement their print work.

Why Flexi Press? 

Remember those flexi-discs that used to come attached to music magazines and how they provided a sampler of some new or old artist or other? Well we decided to trade on this concept as a kind of gimmicky metaphor for what we wanted to do with our micro-collections.


Submissions can be made in one of three popular formats – Single (A Side and B Side), Long Playing Album (A Side and B Side) or Jukebox EP (with as many as six pieces). Also, please include some sleevenotes that can act as a mini-biography including a few previous publications, etc. Please either fill in the form on the submissions page to submit or – if you hate filling in forms – just send the lot in an email to: flexipressed@gmail.com.

We don’t plan to publish anything and everything and will attempt to exercise some kind of editiorial control. If we don’t like what you’ve sent or it just doesn’t fit with our thinking then we regret that we probably won’t have time to write back but feel free to submit again any time.


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